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How to remove smoking discolorations on fingers?

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Published: 2010-04-04

In this tutorial we will talk about nicotine discolorations on your fingers and how to remove them. If you smoke a lot and like to roll cigarettes on your own, it may happen someday that you find those ugly yellow spots on your index and middle finger. It won't be that hard to remove them if you follow these simple steps.

Nail Brush

Things you will need

  • pumice stone
  • baking powder
  • soap
  • lemon
  • nail brush

Step by step:

  1. There are several instruments which may help you to get rid of those nasty discolorations again. You may first try normal soap and a nail brush, it is also proven that some lemon juice helps. Others succeeded using a pumice stone or baking powder. We will discuss all of these methods in this article. 
  2. All of these methods may be painful and/or cause irritations on the nail bed or the skin around it. Best method is to prevent any discolorations. 
  3. Wash your fingers carefully with some soap (liquid soap will be best choice), take the nail brush and scrub the yellow spots til they disappear. After you're done use a handcream. This is the most painful possibility and might take long. 
  4. If you want to try lemon juice, massage it carefully into your fingers, especially the parts that need to be treated. Wait a short amount of time before you wash it off again. Repeat this step til any discolorations disappeared. After you are done, use a handcream. 
  5. If you want to try baking powder, mix it with little water only to achieve a creamy consistence. Rub the paste into the nicotine spotted parts and then rinse it off carefully again. 
  6. Best of course is to avoid any discolorations caused by nicotine on your fingers. You may think about changing your tobacco brand. Also using different rolling papers or cigarette shells might prevent you from gaining yellow fingers.

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