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How to look up a business by its tax ID number?

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Published: 2010-04-10

You lost the contact information about your business partner and only got the federal tax ID number left? It is, sometimes possible to gain information about a company only with the federal tax identification number. How to do that? Well, at first you have to note all the information about the company. You could note, for example in which state the company is in, or what it produces. This will make the search easier for you. After you wrote the information down, you can start your research for the company:

Tax ID Number

Step by step:

  1. Call the Telephone Assistance for Businesses toll of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This is a free service of the IRS, so don’t worry about the costs. The telephone number for this service is: 1-800-829-4933. You will talk to an IRS representative. Sometimes this representative will provide you with the information directly. He therefore will make sure, that you are legitimate to gain access to this information. This means for example, that you have to explain where you got the EIN number from, and why you need to get the information. 
  2. If the representative refuses to give the information you need, try your local IRS representative. (At the official IRS website, you’ll find your local IRS office) The local representatives do have access to the information you need, and normally speaking to them and explaining yourself will do the trick. You may even know them personally, so that they will give this information to you more easiliy than the representative on the telephone line, for whom you are relatively anonymous and for whom it is therefore harder to judge if or if not he's allowed to give this information to you.
  3. If everything else fails, there are several search companies which professionaly provide this kind of information to their customers. These services will not be for free, but the most common one, EIN finder, has a trial version, which allows you three searches for free before you have to pay.
  4. If you know that the company the EIN number belongs to is a non-profit company, you can try the Internal Revenue Service search engine at the official IRS website.
  5. The link is:
  6. There you can simply enter the EIN of non-profit organisations and the contact address, including phone numbers and e-mail contacts will be provided. You then can contact the company directly for further information.

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