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How to pass a car safely?

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Published: 2009-07-12

Keep in mind

  • When passing a car, try to remain calm and cool.
  • Make sure that in the section where you want to pass a car, passing is not prohibited. If there is a dotted line, then passing is usually permitted. If there is a solid line, then passing is not permitted.
  • Make sure that the passing lane is clear of any ongoing traffic. Make sure that visibility is clear and you are also keeping in mind possible curves and hills. If a car is approaching on the oncoming traffic lane, then do not pass.
Overtake Car

Step by step:

  1. Check your rear mirror to see whether another car is trying to pass you. If that is the case, then do not pass but waited until the car has passed you.
  2. When you are ready to make the pass, turn your signal light on.
  3. When being a car’s length away from the other car, then accelerate your speed to approximately 10 miles per hour faster than the car you would like to pass.
  4. Pass the car.
  5. Check the rear mirror to make sure that you have passed the car before reentering into your lane. 

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