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How to remove motor oil from your hands?

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Published: 2010-04-08

It is not easy to clean hands that are smeared with motor oil. Moreover, all the agents that can remove motor oil will remove the skin oil at the same time and make the skin dry and sore.

Dirty Hand

Keep in mind

  • The best idea is to apply vaseline to your hands BEFORE working with motor oil; the oil will thus not enter the pores of your skin, and after work simply washing your hands with water and soap will do.

Step by step:

  1. One of the best fat solvents is fat or oil: rub your hands with cooking oil, e. g. sunflower oil or olive oil, to remove the motor oil, then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. To the oil and/or the soap you can add a teaspoon of salt or a tablespoon of coffee grounds, both make a scrubbing effect. In addition coffee grounds take away bad odours.
  3. Washing powder, too, removes motor oil from your hands, but it is harmful to your skin as it has strong searing and degreasing effects. Expose your skin to washing powder for as short a time as possible and wash it away with soap and a lot of water.
  4. After cleaning your hands with any of the agents above, dry your hands carefully and do not forget to apply some protective hand cream.

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