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How to secure hub caps from being stolen?

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Published: 2010-04-14

Did you buy new hub caps? Now you think other people could become jealous and might even like to steal them? So you want to know how to secure them? Here we go!

Wheel Cap

Things you will need

  • Of course you need an car
  • hub caps
  • cable fixers
  • and an wire cutter.

Step by step:

  1. First of all, to fix your hub cabs, you install your hub cabs as shown in manual of your new hub caps. Because of many differences of installations this can not be explained here. If you do not have an manual, your manufacture should have them on their website.
  2. After installing them you take an cable fixer and bind it around one spoke and one spoke of your hub cap. Now connect the end of the cable fixer with the interlocking on the other end. Use your wire cutter to cut up overlaying cable fixer and turn interlocking to back of hub cap. This procedure has to be repeated on each spoke of each hub cap. 
  3. You should keep an wire cutter in your car, if you need to cut the cable fixers for change your tires.
  4. Now is much more difficult for thieves to steal your brand new hub caps.

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