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How to make emoticons on Facebook?

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Published: 2011-01-31

In Facebook it isn't possible to click on a smiley during a chat. So you have to know how to write the emoticons wanted to use for a chat. It is not like in chat programs (e.g. Windows messenger or yahoo), that you can look at different smileys to insert by selecting a button. So you have to write the emoticons during chatting, so it is showed as a picture. Emoticons are used to express different feelings.


Step by step:

Here is a list of different possibilities to write emoticons on Facebook: On one side stands the emoticon-meaning and beside the shortcut to write:


  • smile   :-)  :)  =)
  • frown   :-(  :(  =(
  • gasp  :-O  :O  :-o
  • grin  :-D  :D  =D
  • tongue  :-P  :P  :-p  :p  =P
  • wink  ;-)  ;)
  • curly lips  :3
  • kiss  :-*  :*
  • grumpy  >:(  >:-(
  • glasses  8-)  8)  B-)  B)
  • sunglasses  8-|  8|  B-|  B|
  • upset  >:O  >:-O  >:o  >:-o
  • confused  o.O  O.o
  • shark  (^^^)
  • pacman  :v
  • squint  -_-
  • angel  O:)  O:-)
  • devil  3:)  3:-)
  • unsure  :/  :-/  
  • cry  :'(
  • robot  :|]
  • heart  <3
  • kiki  ^_^
  • penguin  <(“)
  • face  :putnam:

When you use emoticon smileys you could express your feelings in a simple way to your chatpartner.You can write them standing alone or at the end from a text or the middle. Facebook recognizes them automatically and changes them into a picture.It is possible,to write some in the same line in chatline. In the world wide web you can find some lists with emoticons for Facebook.

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