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How to stop junk mail coming to your mailbox?

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Published: 2009-11-27

Keep in mind

  •  Limit your own email's publicity to friends, business contacts and wanted parties. 
  • Do not make it known via social networks, forums or boards to an undisclosed number of parties online, as automated harvesters scan these public databanks for address material permanently! Use (at) instead of the symbol @ when you need to give someone openly your personal mail address, also substitute the . in the address by (dot). Harvesters for address data use these as an indicator for valid email addresses. 
  • All spammers and mass mailers use harvesters or email address dealers for their purposes. 
  • Do not answer spam in any case, even so called unlisting or unsubscribe options serve only the purpose to verify that an email is valid in most cases. 
  • A complete ignore and delete strategy helps to be more successful in the case of unwanted spam. 
  • Spam inboxes need to be screened occasionally, some needed or wanted response may accidently be placed here by the automated process. 
  • Label all future spam as such and disregard it from then on.
Spam Mail

Things you will need

  • Most commercial e-mail providers have good to excellent spam filtering systems built in. 
  • This has to be configured individually by the user in accordance to the filters applied. 
  • Free e-mail providers have a lesser level of protection from spam, but their filters need to be configured as well. 
  • Configuration of these anti spam programs and filters needs to be done individually, most e-mail providers explain their filters well in their respective help sections.

Step by step:

  1. Select a mail provider or free e-mail provider with advanced anti spam filtering (compare)
  2. Use your providers filter system and configure it to meet your demand
  3. Scan content of spam inbox occasionally for wrongly labeled content
  4. Label each and any spam as such, which arrives at your inbox
  5. Report annoying mails if your provider offers this feature
  6. Maintain your inboxes and delete or file older or unimportant notes 
  7. Do not distribute your email on social networks or on boards as a general rule without modifications (as mentioned before)

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