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How to return a lost wallet?

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Published: 2009-11-17

Everyone knows what it means to lose ones wallet - it's a bit like loosing ones identity. Dependent on its content, it is not only a danger to ones bank accounts and credit card limits, but may also mean havin to get a new driving licence as well as a new identity card - not to mention the cash that may be lost. In any case, if you find a lost wallet, it is a good idea to try to return it to its rightful owner, if only in the hope that someone else would do the same with your property in similar circumstances.


Step by step:

  1. Often though this is easier said then done. To start of with, there are two ways of going about finding someones wallet. 
  2. The first way is by simply handing the unopened wallet in at the next police station. Depending on the local rules and regulations you will be asked to leave your name and adress. 
  3. In case you assume there to be a reward depending on the amount of cash inside the wallet you may ask the police personel in question to open the wallet in your presence and have the content written down in detail. 
  4. Juridically, the payment of a reward is not always binding though.
  5. In Germany, for example, you can expect to get 3-5% of the cash money in question, depending on the sum. If you rather have no direct contact with the police, an alternative way of handing the wallet in is at the next lost-property office. Here, you can simply deposit the found item.
  6. The alternative is to open the wallet and look for an address inside. In this case you can contact the owner either directly and ask to meet somewhere at your convenience or simply drop it in his post box. 
  7. Again, the question is if you are willing to ask for the rightful reward.
  8. In many cases though owners are so glad about the return that they will be offering something to make up for it anyways. 
  9. Whatever you do though, do it quickly after having found the wallet to spare the owner worries und unnecessary hassle.

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