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How to get free lunch everyday?

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Published: 2009-07-06

Keep in mind

  • When you do research online, register for e-mail newsletters and free mailings which will send you updates about promotional activities of restaurants in time so that you can go there for free lunch
  • At the local free food give-aways, be there early enough to get your share of free food
  • Get in contact with the food suppliers and try to make friends at the places that offer free lunch so that you can join in with people and go for lunch together
  • Get in contact with organisations of your hometown who can give you more information about where you can get free lunch everyday
Free Lunch

Things you will need

  • Get information about all possible places near you that offer free lunch and that are at walkable distance from you
  • Research online about special offers of restaurants, like new openings or anniversaries, about local kitchens that offer free food to people and places that give away food for free
  • Go to public events and invitations of organisations and clubs which often offer a free lunch once in a while to promote their cause or their activities
  • Go to local markets or fairs where you can often get food samples for free which can serve you as a lunch

Step by step:

  1. Get as much as information about free lunch offers as you can
  2. Research online, go to public places, visit organisations and register for newsletters and informational emailings from the local authorities
  3. Visit as many places as possible and try to get in contact both with food suppliers as well as with other people who make use of free lunch offers The more people you know, the more you will know about free lunch options near you
  4. Try and vary as much as you can so that you only show up at one place once a week maximum

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