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How to get rid of tapeworms in humans?

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Published: 2010-02-18

Tapeworms are a dangerous and not to be underestimated problem. This worms can grow several meters long. They consist of small flat white pieces, approximately 1 centimeter long. When eating meat from cows or pigs which is not properly cooked it can happen that one swallows such „cysts“ . 
Another way to become infested with tapeworms is a pet (cat or dog) which has been infested with worms and gives the eggs on towards a human through licking. Thee cysts may pass into the intestines and develop into tapeworms in the guts. 
The segments with the tapeworm eggs may then be passed with the feces. 
When there is no proper hygienic care, the eggs then may enter again a person through the mouth and may also form cysts in the brain. 
The problem is that when being infested with tapeworm usually there may be little health problems at the beginning. Sometimes mild stomach aches. Therefore it is difficult to diagnose. When the tapeworm has grown it will cause heavier problems since it takes away nourishment from the person. tiredness, anemia and painfull swollen joints may be signs of infestation. 
The biggest danger of course is infestation of the brain with cysts.


Keep in mind

  • Once a tapeworm has been diagnosed it is essential to seek treatment as quickly as possible.
  • There are some local or natural remedies for use, however, it is better to use pharmaceutical medication in getting rid of the tapeworm. They are more effective, quicker and more thorough.
  • When using natural remedies, there is always the danger that a segment of the tapeworm remains in the intestines and starts reeinfestation. 
  • As medication is used either niclosamide, praziquantel or albendazole. 
  • They are usually swalloed in a single dose.

Step by step:

The following points must be kept in mind to avoid renewed infestation:


  1. Treat the whole family not only the person where infestation has been stated.
  2. Strict personal hygiene has to be followed. 
  3. Keep fingernails short and clean.
  4. All bedding and underwear has to be boiled. 
  5. Ensure that no parts of eaten meat are still raw. 
  6. Repeat dosing with tapeworm medication after aproximately 6 weeks. 
  7. Dose as well all pets (cats and dogs)

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