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How to care for an injured bird?

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Published: 2010-04-13

It is not uncommon that you will encounter a wounded or injured bird in your garden or somewhere in the wild.

Injured Bird

Keep in mind

  • To avoid the bird's death you have to pay heed to some general rules and bring the bird to a veterinarian as soon as possible. 
  • To care for an injured bird a cloth or handkerchief is useful. If you are near your home a cardboard box could help you during transportation. 
  • Also put on some rubber gloves if the bird is bleeding.

Step by step:

  1. Make sure to check if the bird is losing blood. Often birds are victims of cats or other predators and therefore could have deep wounds due to sharp claws. A bird can die fast if it loses too much blood. Thus try to stop the bleeding pinching a handkerchief on the bleeding wound.
  2. Encountering an injured bird you first have to assess the bird's state of health. Bleeding wounds must be treated first. If the bird isn't able to fly or move its wings you have to bring it to a veterinarian who has experience with birds. 
  3. Place a cloth or handkerchief over the bird to protect it from attractions and to reduce its fear. Touching a bird and the transportation means a lot of stress for the bird. A dark environment will reduce this stress.
  4. Put the bird carefully on your hands or use a cardboard box to transport it. Make sure the bird won't be pushed around in the box. 
  5. Check on the internet or in the yellow pages if there are veterinarians near your home. Alternatively you can look for an animal shelter where there are a lot of experienced people who could provide treatment to the bird. You can also call a veterinarian and ask if he has experience at treating birds which is not always the case. 
  6. Delivering the bird to the veterinarian explain where and under what circumstances you found the bird. It will help the doctor to make a quick assessment of the situation and treat the bird properly.

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