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How to increase your sexual potency?

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Published: 2009-10-30

The sexuality is a basic part of humankind. Especially for the man it's also a kind of represantation of his status as man and virility. In this context it is easy to comprehend that many men try to improve their sexual potency, even if they do not suffer under a ED - the so called erectile dysfunction. The following hints will help you to improve your potency and will help you to accept your own body.


Keep in mind

  • A time of abstinence improves your sexual appetite and your potency. Consequently if you are living in a partnership and both of you suffer under a lack of your potency, try to perform sex not so often. Your appetite for your partner and with it your potency will arise. 
  • Inform yourself about pills and exercises which can improve the own potency. Nonetheless always consider that there is a lot of crap being advertised in this section of the market.

Step by step:

  1. If you use viagra or similar substances make sure you take them a while before actually planning to have sex. 
  2. Tell your partner what makes you hot and bid her to perform these actions. 
  3. Don't put yourself under pressure, this will only worsen the potency. 
  4. Try special exercises developed for this mischief. They can be found in the internet or in special literature.

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