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How to plan the perfect honeymoon?

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Published: 2009-07-07

When the beautiful wedding is over and the newly-wed bridal couple already is in seventh heaven another exciting thing is in store for them: The honeymoon which is mostly the crowning end of a wedding ceremonial. A honeymoon needs to be perfect, at last it is the first vacation of a newly-weds, so a good planning and organization is necessary.


Keep in mind

  • You definitely need to make sure that everything is well prepared before commencing the travel.
  •  Are your passports valid, do you have a travel insurance, is everything in your suitcase you need and are the airplane tickets ready? 
  • Sometimes newly-weds are still in such euphoria that they forget those things. 
  • Have everything ready and do not start worrying on your wedding day about it.

Things you will need

  • A honeymoon is supposed to be a romantic travel of a fresh married couple, so you better organize that early enough to not lapse into stress and hectic. 
  • Before your marriage you should discuss where you want to go to, check with a hotel and the airline. 
  • There are many renowned travel agencies which are specialized in organizing honeymoons, maybe you can get in touch with one of them and relieve yourself from that burden of planning everything. 
  • Do never wait till after the wedding with planning a honeymoon because you will already be so stressed from organizing the wedding that there is almost no way of sitting down now and plan. 
  • Make sure that you and your partner will have a permission from the employer for the vacation and also talk to neighbors and family members about important things, like pet-care, incoming phone calls and other things while you are absent. 
  • Just if everything is well planned you can have a relaxed and romantic honeymoon without worrying about anything.

Step by step:

  1. Think about where you and your partner want to have your honeymoon
  2. Book the travel a few months before your wedding
  3. Make sure you have everything confirmed by the travel agency
  4. Get everything ready for the honeymoon before the wedding day
  5. Enjoy the wedding and do not worry about the upcoming honeymoon
  6. Talk to friends and family members about important things they need to take care of while you are absent

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