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How to apply lipstick?

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Published: 2009-07-09

Things you will need

  • Lipstick
  • Lipstick liner
  • Lip moisturizer
  • tissue
Apply Lipstick

Step by step:

  1. Choose a color that goes well with your skin tone. To find out which color complements you best, simple test them in the store with a friend and/or mirror. Also try different types including gloss, matte, shimmer, etc.
  2. Find a lipstick liner that complements the selected lipstick. Lipstick liner outlines the lips to highlight their shapes.
  3. Apply a lip moisturizer to the lips. Make sure you apply the complete lips including the corners.
  4. Outline your lip with the outliner, tracing the natural lip line.
  5. Apply the lip stick starting at the center of the bottom lip and moving toward the outward edges in a short but light sweeping motion. Apply the lip stick within the lip line drawn. Then press the lips together.
  6. Take a tissue and put it between your lips to remove excess lipstick from your lip. If desired, apply a thin light coat of lip gloss.

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