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Dub FX - How to become successful in the music industry without a record label

Letztes Update am 22.10.2014, 14:28
Here are some tips to help you grow as an artist and an entrepreneur.

what up people! dub fx here, people often ask me how i got to be successful independently without any help from record labels or invested interest.
here are some tips to help you grow as an artist and an entrepreneur.

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some useful tips

  • be flexible! what you originally thought would be your goal might change along the waybe open minded and open hearted.
  • embrace challenges and defeats. this is how you learn your strengths. street perform!!!!!
  • practicing in your bedroom may get you good at technique but it won't teach you how to perform that technique! you only learn how to perform by doing it and their is no better place then the street! travel and learn from others.
  • be prepared to fail but most of all be prepared to try again and again and again!always sell a cd on the street, even if it isn't exactly what you want people to remember you as.
  • think of it as these people investing in you. throw together a bunch of songs and burn the cd and sell that! if people want to buy it let them! it will only help you get a better CD with better songs on it!
  • make mistakes and earn from them…
  • most of all be positive and spread positivity! you will be putting your self in a vulnerable position for people to yell at you, lough at you and possibly complain about you.
  • but if your doing something positive then other people will always be on your side and fight for you! be strong and never give up!