How to Get the Right Street Performance Set up?

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Depending on what you want to do as a street performance their are always a few key things to...

Depending on what you want to do as a street performance their are always a few key things to consider.

Have Fun and spread the Love - Dub FX.

Keep in mind

1. the more attention you bring to your self the better chances you have of making money.

2. the less you worry about making money and the more fun you have will also result in you making more money!

3. most cities have laws against amplified music and you will need a permit.

4. if you are not aloud to use an amplifier but your act NEEDS one, you will most likely NOT get in trouble if you;

  • cover your speaker and cables, or any other electrical equipment with a sheet of some sort,
  • don't do anything offensive to draw negative attention to yourself,
  • respect nearby shops, other street performers and your audience,
  • keep your volume low.


  • if you need to generate electricity for your set up you have a few options. their are a variety of speakers and amplifiers which can be powered by batteries however, they are not that great at producing low frequencies. if however you only sing and play guitar these speakers are perfect.
  • if your act requires a low bass driven sound you most likely need to use a bass amp or a keyboard amp (key board amps are good as they also have a higher range than a bass amp but still have a reasonably low range as well).
  • to power your speaker you will need either a generator or a deep cycle battery and an inverter. the problem with generators are they are, big, heavy, expensive, noisy, smelly and usually supply far more power then what most street performers need. a gell battery and an inverter however can be specifically catered to your needs.

Things you will need

  • amplifier
  • leads
  • deep cycle (leisure) battery & inverter OR generator
  • Trolley
  • plenty of straps to tie the gear to the trolley

My Street Set-up

to use a generator simply:

  1. place the generator somewhere safe and possibly out of sight.
  2. turn the generator on.
  3. connect your power to the generator.

to use a deep cycle leisure  battery and inverter you must first:

  1. calculate the number of watts your equipment uses, (if your speaker is 60 watts and your guitar pedals add up to 40 watts you need an inverter that supplies a minimum of 100 watts. (keep in mind that if your speaker is 60 watts, it will only draw 60 watts at full volume. if you use an inverter which is 1000 watts for a 60 watt amp your inverter will suck more electricity then it needs from your battery so try to keep it as close to what you need as possible
  2. find an inverter that supplies your required wattage, (they usually range from 50 watts up to 3000 watts. wave inverters are the best for musical purposes as they don't give off an electrical hum through your speakers and they only draw the amount of power that your equipment needs resulting in longer life of your battery. however they are 10 times more expensive the regular inverters and the noise that regular inverters make is quiet enough to not make a huge difference to your performance.
  3. find a deep cycle gel battery, the higher in AH (amp hours) the longer the battery should last. (normal car batteries will work but are more dangerous, they leak when tipped over and the acid will eat through anything it comes into contact with. they also don't last as long as a leisure or deep cycle gel battery. 
  4. connect your inverter to your battery making sure that your red cable is connected to positive on your battery and that the black is connected to negative and turn the inverter on (if not you will destroy your inverter when you turn it on).
  5. connect your speaker and any other equipment to the inverters plug socket.
  6. you are now ready to go.
  7. enjoy your performance!

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