How to Warm up Your Voice Before Singing?

Letztes Update am 22.10.2014, 13:47
This is a brief all round introduction into warming up your voice before singing explained by Dub FX.

Keep in mind

  • smokey environments should be avoided at all costs (mainly if you don't smoke)
  • you should warm your voice everyday even if you don't have a rehearsal or show. over time warming up will get easier and you will become more in tune with your voice which is the most important thing.
  • sugary foods before singing will depreciate your voice and range (because it dries your throat)
  • liquorice is a great lubricant for your throat avoid liquorice that contains sugar. 
  • hot water with a slice of lemon is great for breaking down any mucouse you might have in your throat. you should drink it at least one hour before you sing otherwise it can thin your voice causing you to strain and have a sore throat.

Things you will need

  • herbal tea or hot water with lemon
  • voice warm up CD (optional)
  • a nice place where you won't annoy anyone
  • 10 minutes
  • liquorice

  • take a 10 long deep breaths and picture your self giving a great performance to your crowd.
  • stretch your body and muscles.
  • roll your tongue to make a rrr sound and sing low and comfortable notes going up in pitch slowly (refer to my video) do this for a couple of minutes without straining your voice. gradually move through your vocal range making this sound
  • stretch your jaw and pull faces to stimulate your mouth and jaw.
  • hum gently and quietly through your vocal range. (their are plenty of vocal warm up cds out there, make sure you do it all gently to not strain your voice)
  • try not to warm up with any high powerful notes. if you must warm up your high register, make sure you tense your stomach taking the strain away from your throat.
  • drink a nice cup of herbal tea (no sugar)
  • enjoy your performance and never overdo it on stage. its very easy to get carried away and use your voice incorrectly due to excitement and adrenaline, you could end up really damaging your throat no matter how warmed up you are.

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